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  • 02:52 Popular HD - A Day at MOMA with Jeff

    HD - A Day at MOMA with Jeff

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  • 03:40 Popular HD - OLD DELHI - INDIA


    by Smooto Added 408 Views / 0 Likes

    Impressions of Old Delhi - India by Mirko Lalit Egger 2005 my first "edited" video. :) recorded with an older SONY videocamera from 2000 unfortunately it is broken. :( unfinished sympathy cover by mirko-kosmos aka MAHISHA original track by massive attack.

  • 02:29 Popular HD - Green 317 - Parkside Lounge, NYC

    HD - Green 317 - Parkside Lounge, NYC

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    After performing at the Parkside Lounge, located at 317 Houston Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, I wrote this song called "Green 317." It's just a great place: The vibe is unpretentious with zero hipster arrogance. The staff are welcoming and f

  • 01:53 Popular HD - Chinatown

    HD - Chinatown

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  • 01:56 Popular HD - Floating

    HD - Floating

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    Made some shots on a sunday afternoon near a dam. The musictrack is made last year, just for fun. I found out that the music fits well with the footage.

  • 05:07 Popular HD - Sledding and Digging

    HD - Sledding and Digging

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  • 01:11 Popular HD - Colors

    HD - Colors

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    This is a 2 hour project that I shot near my house. Shot using Canon XH-A1, edited in FCS 2

  • 01:37 Popular HD - April Snow

    HD - April Snow

    by Smooto Added 742 Views / 0 Likes

    This is probably the last snow fall of the season and I decided to go out and do some random shooting. I learned a good lesson, make sure you always turn on your Letus adapter :-). 90% of my shots were unusable because you can see the ground glass since I

  • 01:35 Popular HD - Times Square Scum

    HD - Times Square Scum

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  • 02:23 Popular HD - Saving Me

    HD - Saving Me

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    For many people in post-Katrina New Orleans, religious faith is one of the only ways to keep hope alive. Explore visits a Baptist church right in the heart of the damaged city, where the soulful music of Larry “Love” Hamilton helps to soothe the pain of t

  • 02:20 Popular HD - Waiting life | A espera

    HD - Waiting life | A espera

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    We spend infinite hours just waiting for something. Even to move through the city we need to wait. And when the city gets bigger, the waiting hours increases as well. This is just a rehearsal about waiting in NYC. --- Passamos horas infinitas esperando al

  • 04:33 Popular HD - Where Broadway Shops: Deluca Shoes NYC

    HD - Where Broadway Shops: Deluca Shoes NYC

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    Every year visitors come to NYC to see a Broadway show. But what happens behind the scenes? Did you know that there are many small businesses/artists/New Yorkers that dress Broadway? They supply quality apparel that will withstand 7-9 performances weekly