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HD - St. Stupid's Day Parade Super 8mm

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Published by Smooto in Travel & Places


This is SUPER 8mm footage of the St. Stupid's Day Parade in the financial district of San Francisco on April 1st 2009. Apparently, this parade is put on every year by the "First Church of the Last Laugh" and it ends with a "sock exchange" on the steps of the former stock exchange building. This footage is entirely raw and all edits are in camera. I felt it was better to share it in this manner. The music was added without much thought except I wanted to choose musicians from the bay area. I slapped down an audio track and rendered away. My dear friend Stella is shown with a camera photographing the parade. Yes, that is Wavy Gravy hanging out like a beached whale wearing a clown nose atop of a bus in the 1st few frames (if you don't know who he is --LEARN YOUR AMERICAN HISTORY OF COUNTERCULTURE. I don't care if you hate hippies). The man in the top hat with the megaphone was shouting "JUMP! YOU MIGHT AS WELL END IT NOW!" to the onlooking employees laughing in the windows of their employers' offices surrounding the scene. Then, he proceeded to lead people to the end of the block, turned around 180 degrees, walked back through the crowd he was leading and began shouting "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!" If you watch closely near the end of this footage, you'll see everyone twirling their socks in the air for the "Sock Exchange." My favorite shot is the woman trying to talk on her cell phone at the end. I love SAN FRANCISCO! It's hands down the freakiest city in America! Sorry New Orleans...it's true. Music-- "Los Bastardos" by Primus
For more info on The First Church of the Last Laugh, go here: saintstupid.com/

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