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HD - our year [apart] together

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Published by Smooto in Travel & Places


Happy 1 Year Anniversary! This is a compilation of screenshots, photographs, and videos from the last year of my relationship with Austin. For the last year, Austin and I have been in a long distance relationship. When we first started dating, he was in Ohio while I was in California. 5 months went by before I got to see him when he flew to California, after I graduated from grad school, so that we could drive cross country. I currently reside in Chicago, while he is still finishing school in Ohio. You'd think that it would be easier since we are closer, but I think it became even more difficult because we still live far enough away from each other to make it extremely inconvenient. I see him once a month for a day or so. It's been really difficult. When we aren't together, we Skype almost every day to hang out, do respective work, watch movies or TV shows together, etc. I've been taking a screen shot of every single day that we've Skyped for the last year, here are most of them.

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