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HD - Life force departing 2

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Published by Smooto in Travel & Places


It's the time of year when living things die or disappear until next spring. The life force in our environment is departing, leaving us to deal with greyness, darkness and cold. We humans are an extraordinarily adaptive species, inhabiting all climate zones of this earth. Adaptation simply means survival. Most of us want more: we want a good life. And while we have food, shelter, and more stuff than we need, us Northerners have a climate that locks us up for at least half the year. There is no sense complaining about it. But there is no need to pretend that it doesn't affect us, that we're badly missing the warm sun and the colourful plants and animals of spring and summer. That we're less social and less connected to others as we pass each other bundled up, shoulders drawn up to our ears, rushing from one heated space to another. I know some people love the winter - I myself used to be ok with it, I thought. And in aboriginal philosophy winter is a time of rest, silence, regeneration. I'm not sure I had a point, but I do have the video.
Life force departing Part 1: vimeo.com/51329121

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